Plasma Donor


On this occasion, I would like to share my exploration with the theme " Plasma Donor Connector App". I am developing Plasma Donor Connector app that can help the COVID. He/ She can donate plasma to the infected person which will help the patient in his or her recovery through this App. I am provides a platform that acts as a bridge between donors and recipients. This application will consist of two modules. Admin and User. Admin can view active users. Admin can raise request. Admin can add donors. Users can add their information for donating plasma.

Designed By
Rana Usman
UX/UI Designer

1 week

Adobe XD, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator,

Design Process

With 7 days to design and prototype an app with at least 10 unique screens, Yoel and I knew we needed to work quickly. I immediately created a condensed timeline with a goal of completing the app in 6 days, with one extra day for emergencies. The steps we covered in our design sprint included define, empathize, ideate, design and prototype.

Style Guide

In Adobe XD file, I compiled all of my components, colors, icons, and typefaces in the Styles page of the file. This later helped me build a style guide to show and instruct others on my final choices for all user interface aspects.

Mock Ups